Your nutrition

Come to Iliahtida Project and enjoy a diet that is rich in flavors of the local cuisine of Karpathos island…


In Tristomo there are no shops to buy food nor places to eat or drink.

So in Iliahtida Project each visitor will have the opportunity to acquire basic necessities and of course after agreement to choose the diet he/she prefers through regional meals that we prepare.

Mediterranean diet with high quality local products

Tristomo, Karpathos is a special place in the southern part of Greece, the country of light…

One of these peculiarities also involves the local cuisine directly influenced by the Mediterranean diet, as this delightful place is located in the heart of the Mediterranean.

In Iliahtida Project every visitor will be able to choose the diet that fits from foods that are made with top quality local products.

Mediterranean diet which it is based on

A) Fruits and vegetables
B) Oil
C) Fish and seafood
D) Cereals and Legumes

Nutrition methods – Choose how your diet will be prepared

A) Preparation of meals from you (product sourcing)…

We give you the opportunity upon request to prepare a list of foods – raw materials, you desire. We will arrange for your supply. This way you can prepare yourself your meals in a fully equipped kitchen that Iliahtida has.

B) Preparation of meals from us (catering)…

We – upon request – offer a selection of local dishes, covering your dietary needs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These comprised choices of dishes used in a local – Mediterranean cuisine. We will prepare your meals and we will serve them in your room.


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For more information about your diet, ask us…