A difficult, but very charming journey!..


There has been not a long time since the construction of Iliahtida was completed.

A traditional greenhouse created to accommodate people who want to come to Tristomo area. This was the first step in an effort that is ongoing.

Now we continue with the creation of a vegetable garden in a space next to Iliahtida. Even a small old farm house that is upon repair will be used as an auxiliary space. This house is also made with stone and wood, like the old houses in the area.

Then we will deal with a farm that will have trees and animals. And together with all these a traditional wooden boat, constructed by the Duke… boat constructor… to go fishing.

All of this looks like a journey through time with yesterday’s Tristomo as a final destination.On this journey exist some of the activities people who lived in Tristomo the old days had.

Their houses were built and made of stone. They digging the earth to sow and thereby create their food. They grazed their animals on the land and fished at the sea. Gathered olives, they made beehives and planted climates to make their own wine from grapes. In short they lived close to nature and knew that he had to care and respect it because it was that gave them the opportunity to create their food.

Iliahtida project aims to show people that it is possible to return again albeit briefly close to nature. Living an everyday routine packed with activities related to the land and the sea will be able to create a true contact with the environment and the people of the place.

Getting closer to nature with respect and developing actions to protect it.

The goal of the Iliahtida project is to love again the nature and the environment!