What is the Iliahtida Project?..


Iliahtida (Sunbeam) as a name is not a random choice…

For everyone to understand the importance of the word Iliahtida should bear the thought of a cloudy day. In a grey sky sometimes we see one or more rays of light penetrating the clouds and reach us. This small ray of light we call Iliahtida. Iliahtida project is itself a small beam of light.

It is an effort that is underway here in Tristomo Karpathos in terms of our return to a more traditional lifestyle.

People who lived in this place, thousands of years ago had developed a harmonious relationship with nature and the environment. Their daily struggle for survival was directly linked with occupations and activities within the area.

Today the development of technology has led us to an easy way of life leaving behind us the harmony that is close to nature. Living in big cities and at a rate that does not leave us much room to have a life with more quality.

But we humans have a need to keep in touch with nature, which is our real world.

This is the Iliahtida project!